P2A: The Art and Science of Getting Clients Online

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Funded Start-Ups

​The Art and Science of Getting Clients Online

​​30 Day Implementation Workshop: Live and Online


​​Scale Yourself. Scale Your Profit.
Keep Your Sanity.

Scaling your business is one thing. Scaling YOURSELF so you are able to scale your business is something else entirely.

​When you combine your X10 Entrepreneurial Strengths, with Funnelogics, and Purpose Driven Profit Optimization, you have an exclusive growth program like no other on the planet.

By application only, this small, exclusive program runs over 30 days, combining online learning, live webinars, a 2-day LIVE event and 30 day post-event sprint. Implementation is the key. You WILL scale yourself UP. You WILL scale your business.  

​Your growth comes from what’s going on in YOUR mind.

​This exclusive workshop is like no other workshop offered before. Led by Dr Nic Lucas, you will be positively challenged, inspired ​& will shift into a state of clarity about exactly how to take your business​ and your life forward.

It takes more for you to succeed in your business than increasing leads, improving conversions or developing new products. To succeed you need to become the person capable of achieving your business growth goals

This 30 day workshop will not only teach you exactly how to attract clients into your business and improve sales conversions, it will also help you:

  • Understand your purpose in business
  • Show you which areas of your life are holding you back from the growth you are looking for
  • ​and how to resolve them.

Most seminars teach you what’s possible. Some show you how to do it. Virtually none work alongside you to implement it. And NONE give you the tools to breakthrough the old habits, thought patterns and emotional anchors that have stopped you from scaling — up until now.

That’s why you need someone who can work with you on mindset and strategy. Someone who can show you the most reliable tactics for lead generation, client acquisition and purpose driven profit optimization (PDPO).

And that’s what Dr Nic Lucas will lead you through on this 30 day journey.

​Your Purpose Driven Profit Is Just One Funnel Away

​Highly educated and experienced, Dr Lucas has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach.

He has built and sold both offline and online businesses. He has consulted across a diverse number of industries. He has worked with and learned from the best of the best in the neuroscience of business and thinking, profit optimization, sales, digital marketing, personal growth and consciousness. He has distilled the most useful aspects of these years of study, experimentation, and real-world results and compressed them into the most exciting new program developed for entrepreneurs, business owners and funded start-ups.

​What The Experts Are Saying

​Every business leader or entrepreneur suffers setbacks and blocks, most of which come from within. This cost me a great deal of time and money, not to mention significant frustration and questioning of what I was really doing.

Until of course I started working with Nic.

He has an uncanny ability and advanced techniques that cleared my mental and emotional blocks, enabling me to refocus and take action.

Without Nic I would still doubt my ability, and be talking about what I am ‘going to do’ rather than ‘doing what I am capable of.

Glen Campbell

CEO, Brandheart
Creator of the Best Self Identity

I first reached out to Nic for advice about this idea I had but that wasn’t fully formed.

He is someone with a unique set of skills and experience that goes far beyond your typical consultant or adviser.

​Not only has he helped me with my own personal breakthroughs, he has been instrumental in helping me bring my idea into an actuality.

From mindset and high level strategy, to facebook ad campaigns and strategic partnerships, Nic has it covered.

It’s rare and such a relief to work with someone as wholistic as this.

​Amber McClean

Founder, The Ambodhi Alliance

When I started my journey with Nic I had the foundation of a good business with even more opportunity. But a few things were holding me back. I questioned my leadership, my team, my business...

Nic helped reset my perspective and my mindset and the benefits to the business were immediate.

I increased revenue by 25% in the first three months.

Client retention improved.

And a fresh take on our business model set the foundation to leverage our service and results.

If you are ready to make a shift, get Nic on board. You will love the results.

​John Panuccio

Director, Your Health Solutions

​This ​Entire ​Program ​Has ​Been ​Developed to ​Help ​You ​Get the ​Results you ​Want with ​Ease and ​Speed.

​Experience rapid shifts in thinking and see your opportunities in a completely new light

Replace the entrepreneurial duo of fear and hope with a high level of drive and deep internal certainty about your purpose in business.

Understand the little-known secrets of facebook advertising for profit growth that only the top 1% of advertisers know. This exclusive information will put you leagues ahead of your competitors.

Create a front-end and back-end funnel for your business that brings a new level of revenue and profit certainty.

Learn the CORE entrepreneurial skill of knowing how to pay to acquire a customer, profitably.

Get the most effective system for profit optimization so you can keep improving and scaling over and over again

By ​Application ​Only​

​​This ​Small, ​Exclusive ​Program ​Runs ​Over 30 days, ​Combining ​Pre-event ​Online ​Learning, ​Live ​Webinars, a 2-day LIVE ​Event and 30 ​Day ​Post-​Event ​Sprint.

Implementation is the ​Key

​What's possible within 30 days?

​Imagine 1 month from now

  • ​Being absolutely certain about your purpose in business and the exact path to your 12 month stretch goals
  • ​Having implemented a lead generation and customer acquisition campaign that you are actively improving through the profit optimization strategies you’ve learned.
  • ​Enjoying the peace and harmony that comes from knowing that you are the creator of your ideal life, and that you have the everlasting knowledge and skills to confidently address any challenge or uncertainty that comes your way

​Who is this for?

For high level leaders and people aspiring to greatness in their business, who are:

  • ​Ready to overcome obstacles and grow into the entrepreneur they need to be in order to get the results they know they're capable of
  • ​Already successful in business and are looking to expand, scale and grow their business, without sacrificing family, lifestyle or health to do it
  • ​Or start-ups with funding, who want to maximize their chance of a successful launch without wasting limited resource on ineffective strategies or over-capitalization
  • ​Ready to embrace a new paradigm of business growth, infused with both the art and science of X10 thinking

​Perfect for

​Consultants, Coaches, Professionals, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups

​At ​the End of 30 Days...

​You Will Have Completed the Following Processes:

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​Learn by Doing

​Get results through action

Would you rather sit passively through another seminar, or participate in a 1 month implementation workshop with a world-class coach and other high-level entrepreneurs, focused on gaining new skills, taking action, and getting measurable results?

If you're answer is you'd rather sit through another seminar, then this is NOT for you.

Instead, if you'd rather get cutting-edge training and insider information that you can implement straight away under the guidance of a guy who's been doing this successfully for a decade, then the Art and Science of Getting Clients Online - Implementation Workshop might be exactly what you're looking for.

This workshop goes so much further than teaching some ad strategies and setting up a few funnels.

They're just the table stakes.

The process you'll go through is so comprehensive, so practical, and so results focused, that not only will your business grow the way you want it to grow, but you'll be a changed person as a result. You'll feel the positive impact for years to come.

The key processes Nic will take you through have been successfully applied in many different markets, and for a wide variety of people.

Professional Services

​Coaching and Consultants

​Online Education


​Real Estate

​Health and Fitness


​Personal Development

​Authors and Speakers



​And many more

​Imagine being given all the pieces of the puzzle.

  • ​The entrepreneurial mindset and thinking skills that are so crucial to your success
  • ​Absolute clarity about what you want and an exact plan of how to get it
  • ​The business model and profit formula that suits you and your lifestyle
  • ​The strategic and tactical knowledge to implement simple, effective and cutting-edge approaches to brand awareness, lead generation, and client acquisition
  • ​​And lastly, the scientific approach to optimizing your business and testing your way to greater and greater success.

​When it comes to the art of optimizing your business and your life, we're going to science the shit out of it.

DR Nic Lucas

​Optimization Specialist

​Stop the Guesswork. Start the Real ​Work.

​Scale Yourself. Scale Your Business. Scale Your Life.

​Rewarding the Decisive Action Takers

​As a reward for investing in your self and your business growth, this program will include a full set of email templates for the funnels you will create. You can modify these followup emails for your business, rather than create your emails from scratch.

This reward will significantly increase your speed of implementation. The copywriting fee for these email sequences alone is 10K, however you will receive access to these for free as part of this program.

​As an additional reward, you will also receive the full suite of web page templates required to implement the funnels you’ll learn in this program.

Again, this will significantly reduce the time needed to implement what you learn. All that is required is a special monthly hosting account with our web provider for you to access these templates.* (Cost varies depending on the hosting package you choose)

​In 2013-2014, before taking an extended break, Nic’s annual mastermind was 30K. Today you can get access to even greater wisdom and insights for a fraction of that cost and in a shorter period of time.

​Do I Qualify?

​The Art and Science of Getting Clients Online is a single 5K USD investment.

​The group will be small and consist of only the most qualified applicants. The criteria for acceptance into this program are listed below. A total of just 15 people will be accepted in this round. Acceptance is also based on an enrollment interview, which will be conducted over the phone or on Skype

  • ​You have an existing business and offer that is currently working
  • Critical: ​You are a funded start-up and are able to invest in paid advertising and funnel development.
  • ​You are able to follow through and implement the prescribed actions and can attend the live 2-day event
  • ​You are a positive uplifting person who is enthusiastic, great to work with and focused on results

​There are NO ​Guarantees in ​Life, and ​Yet ​Life ​Happens ​Anyway

It's the ​Same with this ​Program.

Due to the intellectual property and proprietary techniques shared with participants within the first week of acceptance, there is a strict no-refund​ policy. You will have ample time during the application process to make a firm decision about your desire to participate. If you were to approach this on the basis of a ‘refund escape clause’, then this would immediately disqualify you from the program.

​We will only accept participants who are certain about what they want, and who believe in their own decisions.

​Slots in this program are strictly limited. Your opportunity to get specific help from Nic Lucas and the other program participants is in your hands. But time waits for no-one.

​Is this for me?

​Let's Dig Deeper and Answer Your Question


If you're here reading this page, then it's clear this program is for you. But, the real question is — is it for you now?

If you can't commit to doing the work and taking a calculated advertising risk, then you are not ready. Not now.

You will need to graduate to a higher level of business, courage and entrepreneurial skill in order to get the most out of this training.

To get yourself there, consume everything on this site, the free training, the vlog and set a date to be ready "enough".


Your business is already successful, your offer is already working, or you're a start-up with funding and you are ready, willing and able to invest in building and testing the Funnelogic system that you'll learn with Nic.

Your product or service is ethical, it works and does what it says on the box, and you genuinely care about your clients or customers.

You are able to do the work in the 30 days in order to get the result.

​Frequently Asked Questions

​I'm keen to come, but am I ready for something like this?

​I have a start up. What size business is this for? Will it be of benefit to my situation?

​How is the 30 days structured?

​How many people are allowed to enroll and attend the event?

​What if I can't make the event? Will it be recorded?

​Can I bring a partner or staff member to the event?

​What if I need specialized or ongoing help?  Do you provide one-on-one coaching?