Profit Starts in the Mind – Email 1

Hey ... it's Dr Nic and I'm glad you made it.

Welcome into my world as I share how profit starts in the mind.

[PSITM is short for Profit Starts in the Mind and I'll add it to the subject line of every email I send in this series so you know it's from me and what it's about.]

OK ... so there are three things you should know about me and what I think about life and business.

|1| Everything we want hinges on our ability to think clearly and remain optimistic and focussed over time

|2| Profit optimisation is the act of creating buyers for our ideas (products and services) that bring increasing value over time

|3| Getting the most out of life means positive emotions, relationships, being in the zone, meaning and purpose, success, and health.

I'll go over these core ideas in this series and prompt you to become aware of your own new insights.

One thing you'll come to realise about me is that when it comes to business, I'm very hands-on.

For example, I don't just crap on about mindset without also knowing exactly how to setup, track and optimize a paid traffic campaign.

At the same time, I'm not an advertising guru, product development specialist, business coach or digital marketing expert ... 

... and that's because even though I help people with all these things, what really drives me is what's going on in our minds in order to create the life we want.

Having both a mindset for success, and the know-how to actually be successful, is what makes me a little different. 

So, let's talk about my first point, which is to think clearly, and remain optimistic and focussed over time.

Sounds easy enough.

But dig a little deeper and you'll find it's not so easy.

For starters, how do we think clearly, and what does that even mean?

Does it just mean thinking without brain fog after a coffee in the morning?

The answer is that thinking clearly is being able to keep your long term plans and values clearly present in your mind ...

... even though there are other urgent, competing and immediate needs demanding to be met at the same time.

When we forget our plans and values in the moment, then we are no longer using that moment to work toward our long term plans.

There's nothing wrong with that. It just explains why sometimes, we don't achieve success.

This is really asking you to think about why you do what you do, and why you don't do what you think you want to do.

I remember clearly, one of my clients saying as we were about to start working together ...

"I know what I want to do ... I even know how to do it ... but I don't do it ... so what the f*cks wrong with me!?"

And this is a really good story to highlight my point.

This client was successful and doing over 1 million in revenue per year.

For him, the problem wasn't about executing a marketing strategy or finding a sales person ... it was all about whether he would do what needed to be done ... or not.

It's why I say that profit starts in the mind.

The other key idea in this first point is to remain optimistic and focussed over time.

I chose these words specifically ...

Optimism is good for the brain and it's great for achieving results.

But how easy is it to remain optimistic over time?  

Things crop up ... they always do ... and they challenge our optimistic outlook.

You might be optimistic at the start of a project ... but what about 3 months later when you've hit obstacles and things aren't as easy as you thought they were going to be.

Are you still optimistic?

This is why I say 'optimistic over time'.

And it's important to be able to pull off this little mind-trick, because if you don't continue to believe that your ultimate goal is possible then you wont stick at it.

It's called 'feasibility' in the scientific literature and it's one of the predictors of whether you'll achieve your goals.

You need to be optimistic about the achievement of your goal ... otherwise why bother.


Now, I'm not talking about blind-optimism ... or naive over-confidence.

It's not enough to 'feel' optimistic about your goals, you need a plan that leads inevitably to your success.

And making this plan is often what tips people over the edge and gets them started on their journey ...

... because they see the path ... they see what they have to do ... and they understand that it's possible for them to do it.

In addition to this, one of the most predictive models in the world for human thriving is the PERMA+ model, developed by Prof Martin Seligman.

This model of human psychology is so accurate that it can predict physical health, vitality, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and commitment within organizations.

Use those links above to dive into PERMA in more detail ...

... but for now just know that 'optimism' and 'achieving success' are linked together in a powerful way.

Now the funny thing is ... when I was younger and pushing hard, I didn't really stop to think about optimism and positive emotion.

If you'd asked me back then, I would have said that my success just came from working my ass off.

And maybe that's where you're at?

You're all fired up and you just want to know what to do ... 

Show me how to get customers to click on my ads.

Show me how to get my webpages ranked in google.

Show me how to develop a product and setup my ecommerce store.

Show me how to increase my conversion rate from 2% to 5%.

Of course, I can show you how to do all of those things ... and FAR more.

I've shown lots of people how to do this ... 

... but it's a waste of time when those people aren't also able to think clearly and remain optimistic over time.

Now, our next step in this journey is to take a look at profit optimisation ...

... and what I mean by the term 'creating buyers'.

I'll also explain why I haven't mentioned the word 'sales'.

And that's all coming up in the next email ... 

So, I'll catch you here in your inbox tomorrow.