X10 Survey

How'd you like to take part in an experiment?

I'm creating my 'legacy' program ... the X10 Entrepreneur Intensive ... it will help entrepreneurs and professionals know:

  • what they want
  • why they want it, and
  • how to get it.

It's the pinnacle of all my premium programs ... brought together in one.

Except there's a problem ... I've got too much in there and I need to know what to exclude ... and it's better if I hear that from you.

This program will be $5,000 and my expectation for all participants is for them to X10 the investment and make at least $50,000 in additional revenue ... and to also have a massive personal shift that becomes a priceless defining point in their lives. 

And so, if you were to invest $5,000 right now to move your life and business forward, what would make that program so desirable, that you'd drop everything to do it?

Can you let me know by answering a few short questions?  

Of course, there is no obligation for you to actually do the $5,000 Intensive ... but you'd have a say in terms of what you'd want if you were paying $5,000.

  • This could be your mindset and thinking, it could be your health and fitness, it could be your relationships? The key is that it's about you.

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