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US - Pacific

Wednesday, Sept 4th, 6PM

‚ÄčAustralia - EST
Thursday, Sept 5th, 11AM

So, what can you do right now?

Entrepreneur ... or want to be?  Then let's get started now ...

Sometimes we're just looking for a quick shift ... some mental candy to entertain us.

Other times we're actually looking for something of substance. And if that's you right now, then take a look at my short book, X10 Entrepreneurial Rules.

  • 10 'Top Level' skills proven to be essential for success in business ... the more of these you have, the more you'll succeed. The less you have, the harder life and business will be.
  • Easy to read ... formatted for phones ... and with a checklist to use to assess yourself and figure out where you are on each of these X10 skills.
  • If you wanted an 'evidence-based' way to assess how you're going as an entrepreneur ... this is it.

Nic Lucas, PhD

X10 Entrepreneur and Coach to CEOs, Professionals and Business Leaders

"When it comes to optimizing your life and business, we're going to science the shit out of it."  ~ Dr Nic Lucas