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10X has had a proven track record in business for over 40 years.

It's common these days, with everyone talking about 10X-ing their business. But let's go deeper than that hype, shall we?

In historical business models, people would talk about 10% annual growth ... and to get 10% growth all you really had to do was work a little harder.  

That was before cognitive scientist, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson, introduced a method of lateral thinking that he called X10 Thinking.

To do something remarkable means doing things differently. And doing things differently means you have to think differently ... and thinking differently can be hard when you're not used to it.

Most people don't think differently. Most people think the same as everyone else. Most people get the same results as everyone else. That's certainly been the case for me at times in life.

We tend to think and act like the herd, because it's safe.

Even though we admire the outliers in life and business, we'd rather succeed at something mediocre than risk failing at something extraordinary.

You don't get to be extraordinary by doing and thinking the same as everyone else.

You have to escape your perspective ... you have to escape your mindset ... and X10 Thinking is a great tool to help with that. You think about how you'd make something ten times better:

  • Your health X10.
  • Your relationships X10.
  • Your skills X10.
  • Your business X10.
  • Your wealth X10.

When you multiple your current situation by a factor of 10, it forces you to think differently. It forces you to escape your mind-set. If forces you to come up with new ideas and new perspectives.

This is where X10 comes from.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson introduced this idea to the business world, and that's where it took off ... although X10 Thinking can be used everywhere ... from education to politics, from art to science, from self-discovery to relationships.

But ... back to business and being X10 entrepreneurs.

The idea is not just limited to multiplying revenue by 10. The idea should touch every aspect of the organisation.

  • Value proposition X10
  • Customer satisfaction X10
  • Staff fulfilment X10
  • Efficiency X10
  • Expertise X10
  • Product superiority X10
  • Marketing X10
  • Lead Generation X10
  • Sales X10
  • Management X10
  • Strategic Partnerships X10
  • Revenue X10
  • Valuation X10

And what about you, the business owner or entrepreneur ...

  • Freedom X10
  • Lifestyle X10
  • Satisfaction X10
  • Enjoyment X10
  • Meaning X10
  • Achievement X10
  • Positive Relationships X10

And this is a very real lesson for you ... because chances are you came here with only ONE idea about X10 ... and that was Revenue ... and yet I've given you MORE than ten times the number of things that you can 10X in your business ... in fact I've given you a total of 20.

Can you see how limiting it is to think of 10X as just being about revenue?

There's a reason I started X10 Entrepreneur ...

It's because the idea of X10 is one of the most powerful and liberating ideas I've come across in my life.

It's because entrepreneurs will benefit immensely if they adopt X10 Thinking ... and become an X10 Entrepreneur.

I've applied these ideas to my life as an entrepreneur and I've used X10 Thinking with my clients.

I love working with entrepreneurs ... not just on their business, but in their lives.  

I've seen too many entrepreneurs fall apart because they only focussed on the money.

All my knowledge and experience comes together in X10 Entrepreneur ... entrepreneurs who use X10 Thinking benefit all the areas of their lives.